Oil Change & Lube Service

Oil Change & Lube Service

The oil in your car is essential since it lubricates the engine’s many moving elements. It also helps to prevent overheating, which may be disastrous to your engine. When your car’s oil is unclean or insufficient, it cannot properly lubricate the engine. This is why frequent oil changes are important to any vehicle’s upkeep.

At Urb’s Garage, we have an experienced team of professional mechanics who can make getting an oil change in Erlanger, KY, simple and convenient for you. We have decades of combined knowledge, so you can rest assured that your vehicle will be thoroughly taken care of while we quickly and efficiently refill your oil.

Our Oil Change Process

Oil changes are only one aspect of general car maintenance. That is why, in order to provide our customers with the greatest oil change in Erlanger, KY, we go above and beyond the conventional oil flush and fill. Our premium oil change service includes the following:

  • Variable Filtering
  • A quick check of tire pressure
  • A thorough evaluation of the vehicle from the inside out 
  • A comprehensive fluid system flush and fill
  • A complete oil change utilizing premium oils.
  • Making certain that all moving parts are well-oiled

We can assure you that your vehicle will always be in peak operational condition when you drive it away from our auto shop by doing extensive preventative maintenance. 

Do You Need an Oil Change?

Oil changes were formerly suggested every 3,000 miles. Most vehicles still require oil changes every 5,000 to 7,000 miles, but that interval can be extended to 10,000 miles or more with today’s synthetic and semi-synthetic oils. There are some obvious signs that it’s time for an oil change in Erlanger, KY. These are some indications:

  • The oil supply is running low.
  • The oil looks cloudy and gritty.
  • The oil has an unpleasant or burnt odor.
  • The engine is making a lot of weird noises.
  • Any engine smoke appears darker than usual.
  • The oil-pressure gauge on your dashboard appears. 
  • Your vehicle has poor acceleration or regularly stalls.
  • According to the owner’s manual, it’s past time for an oil change.

If you experience any of the difficulties listed above, please bring your vehicle to Urb’s Garage as soon as possible. If you need an oil change in Erlanger, KY, we can do it quickly and inexpensively.

Top-Rated Oil Changes From Urb’s Garage

With a properly performed oil change in Erlanger, KY, your vehicle will be in great condition and ready to take you wherever you need to go. There is no need to take the chance that your car will lose control or break down while you are driving. If you want to drive confidently, get your oil changed at Urb’s Garage in Erlanger, KY. We even offer a 3-year/ 100,000-mile warranty on our services and repairs. We also provide loaner vehicles so you can go about your day while we work on your car. 

Don’t put off changing your oil any longer; call us at 859-888-0702 or schedule an appointment online right now.

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